Merit Badge Fair 4.14.18

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For those not attending District Mt. Rubidoux Camporee this weekend April 13-15th, you can call your Patrol and go to a Merit Badge event in Pasadena.

Merit Badge Fair
Saturday April 14th 2018
Where:  3700 East Sierra Madre Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107
Cost:   $40 with lunch included or $35 without lunch.
Contact info:

See flyer below.  Try not to go along, take your Patrol!!

Foil Pack Cooking Class

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We have a Saturday day activity since Anza Campout was cancelled.

Saturday Activity to replace the campout:
  1. Foil pack cooking lesson, practice cooking lunch in foil packs for the camporee next month.
    • Patrol leaders - call your patrol members, have each of them bring just one simple item such as: can of corn, squash, bacon bits, carrots....whatever, just grab one thing and we'll turn it into a meal!!  FUN
    • Scoutmaster will bring the foil, chicken, ground beef and potatoes, oil and seasoning.  If a parent wants to help me out let me know.
    • Cooking Merit Badge (Eagle) - We will sign off on part of this Merit Badge on Saturday.
    • Does anyone have a 2nd shallow fire pit we can use?  
    • Wear a watch.
  2. New Scout Patrol to work on Patrol name, flag, yell and patch if all 3 members of the Patrol show up.
    • Troop guides attend to help 
    • We need a Patrol mentor, at least one parent to guide them for the next 6 months. New patrol is Adam, Sebastian, Aiden.
  3. Class A  patches - Let's fix up your uniform before inspection day!  We'll sew, glue, iron on or velcro your patches on. Wear your Class B and bring your Class A with all your patches to apply.
    • Need a volunteer or two - bring thread & needles, irons & board, or other way to adhere patches to the uniform. Scout house has some iron on patch material.
  4. Lesson on Situational Awareness - It'll save your life and others being aware and mindful of surroundings.
  5. Movie - Black Panther at either 1pm or more likely 2:30pm at University Village on University Ave. Trip to the movies will practice Situational Awareness within each Patrol.
    • We may need a 3rd car to transport kids, depending on how many show up.
Total cost = $12, 1 vegetable or ingredient, lots of fun and learning.

When = Saturday 8am until end of movie either 3pm or 5pm. 

All activities are posted on the Troop google calendar or from our webpage.

foil pack cooking on fire

Anza Borrego /Blair Valley Campout

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Anza Campout Cancelled

UPDATE:  Storm moving in, possible rain/snow.  We're monitoring it to see if we need to reschedule the campout or move locations.

Blair Valley Camp inside of the Anza Borrego State Park, Riverside Boy Scouts Troop 270 trip.

We will be practicing tin foil cooking to be ready for Camporee, fire starting, hiking, and Native American history in the desert.

When:  March 16-18th.  Meet at Scout House 5pm on Friday night, return Sunday morning about 10-11am.
Cooking:  Friday night eat dinner first, snacks make at the campground. Meals 4 total meals.

Cost:  $15 a person

Driving and adult meals - See Steve Grimes, Adults to foil cook also at least for dinner.  Each adult to cook a meal.

Friday night leave at 5:30pm,  2hr drive
  Meet at the dirt turnoff for Blair valley, marked on map. 33.037313,-116.410528
  Drive on dirt road to MoonDance Campground
  Hike Pictograph trail
  Hike Morteros trail
  Optional hike to Marshal South home ruins
  Scouts Own

Steve Grimes

Steve McGuffey

Another Leader?  Need another

Mt. Rubidoux Trail Cleanup

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Scout Troop 270 will be cleaning up Mt. Rubidoux trails on Saturday March 31st to prepare for the Trail Lighting.
Meet at Scout Lane where Carlson Bark Park is at the end of the parking lot with your water,tools to fill in holes, pull weeds and trim grass with.
Times 8am-Noonish.
Wear class b uniform.

Map of area to clean below.

New Leaders Trained! ILST

posted Feb 27, 2018, 8:33 AM by Troop twoseventy   [ updated Feb 27, 2018, 8:33 AM ]

Our Troop just held a training for new Youth Leaders, called Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)

The newly elected leaders received their Trained Patch at the Troop meeting on 2/27/2018:

Ethan L.
Ethan M.
Troop Trained Scouts

UCR Merit Badge fair this weekend

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UCR Merit Badge fair this weekend, grab your Patrol and go!

When: Saturday, February 10th, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: University of California at Riverside, Winston Chung Engineering Building; Parking is Free.

You will need:
   To register and pay:
   Blue merit badge card for each merit badge you wish to earn, signed by your Scoutmaster
   A merit badge workbook for each badge (this include prerequisite requirements completed by the scout)

Food: You can bring food, or a lunch can be purchase on site. This lunch cost is
separate from the registration cost.

Steve McGuffey
Scoutmaster, Troop 270

UCR Merit Badge Day

Court of Honor

posted Jan 23, 2018, 5:48 PM by Troop twoseventy   [ updated Jan 23, 2018, 5:48 PM ]


And Celebration

When:  Monday, January 29th 2018, 7pm-8:30pm

Where:  Troop Scout House

For Who:  All Scouts who earned Rank, Merit Badges, Awards, Chits, or Recognition.

Scouts Bring:  Full Uniform, Sash

Parents Bring:  Themselves, Relatives, Siblings

Each Household: Bring 1 Food Dish that feeds 5-8


University of Scouting Training

posted Jan 23, 2018, 5:22 PM by Troop twoseventy   [ updated Jan 23, 2018, 5:22 PM ]

University of Scouting training is coming up here in the Inland Empire on February 24th in Riverside.  This is an excellent training opportunity for Scout Leaders, New Scout Leaders, Scout Parents and even Youth Leaders as there will be many many courses on different subjects taught.  Join me there, register here with the CIEC council:  

Register NOW.

I'll be there and you should too, our Scouts deserve a well trained Scout Leader.

Steve McGuffey
Troop 270

Ladder Canyon Campout

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Ladder Canyon

Also known as Painted Canyon or Mecca Hills because it is in the Mecca area which is situated near the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree.    They were formed by the convergence of the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate along the San Andreas Fault. The geologic formations of Mecca Hills are among the most unusual of their kind in the world! Layers of eroded rock, some over 600 million years old, have been pushed up and overturned by the activity of the San Andreas Fault system. Painted Canyon, in the heart of the hills, exhibits many mineral deposits in hues of rose, pink, red, purple and green. The canyon runs in a general north-south direction, and is distinguished by sandy washes sprinkled with Ironwood, Smoke Trees, and Palo Verde.

 Trip Details:

Friday 5:30pm – Saturday 1pm. 

Leave from and return to Scout House.

Camping 1 night in the sand/rock canyon.

Hiking about 3ish miles through slot canyons.


Adult Leaders:

Steve Grimes



Steve McGuffey



Cost:  $10, please pay the Kurt the treasurer

 Weather:  Days in 60’s/70’s, nights 50 degrees down into 40’s.  Light wind.


You should always have your basic essentials, you know yourself best.  Be prepared with something warm to sleep in, a cheap tarp, mess kit, shoes.  Outdoor sheet


Friday night over a fire - Chicken and or hot dogs.

Breakfast – Oatmeal in a bag or bowl, bring your own bowl.

Lunch – Sandwiches, fruit.


From I-10 east

Exit 168/Cottonwood Springs Rd. Turn Right

Cottonwood Springs turns into Box Canyon Road follow for about 15 miles.
Turn right on Painted Canyon Road, it’s a dirt road. If you get to the Canal/Aqueduct you went too far.

Keep straight for about 5 miles until it dead ends in the canyon, about 5 miles.

Park and report to your SPL or ASPL.



GPS (copy & paste into phone map):  33.6194365,-115.9995775



Steve McGuffey has 2 seats open.

Mr. Grimes has 2 seats open


Ladder Canyon Campout Slot Canyon Hiking Boy Scouts

Hiking maps see below:

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