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Foil Pack Cooking Class

posted Mar 16, 2018, 10:42 AM by Troop twoseventy   [ updated Mar 13, 2019, 7:34 AM ]
We have a Saturday day activity since Anza Campout was cancelled.

Saturday Activity to replace the campout:
  1. Foil pack cooking lesson, practice cooking lunch in foil packs for the camporee next month.
    • Patrol leaders - call your patrol members, have each of them bring just one simple item such as: can of corn, squash, bacon bits, carrots....whatever, just grab one thing and we'll turn it into a meal!!  FUN
    • Scoutmaster will bring the foil, chicken, ground beef and potatoes, oil and seasoning.  If a parent wants to help me out let me know.
    • Cooking Merit Badge (Eagle) - We will sign off on part of this Merit Badge on Saturday.
    • Does anyone have a 2nd shallow fire pit we can use?  
    • Wear a watch.
  2. New Scout Patrol to work on Patrol name, flag, yell and patch if all 3 members of the Patrol show up.
    • Troop guides attend to help 
    • We need a Patrol mentor, at least one parent to guide them for the next 6 months. New patrol is Adam, Sebastian, Aiden.
  3. Class A  patches - Let's fix up your uniform before inspection day!  We'll sew, glue, iron on or velcro your patches on. Wear your Class B and bring your Class A with all your patches to apply.
    • Need a volunteer or two - bring thread & needles, irons & board, or other way to adhere patches to the uniform. Scout house has some iron on patch material.
  4. Lesson on Situational Awareness - It'll save your life and others being aware and mindful of surroundings.
  5. Movie - Black Panther at either 1pm or more likely 2:30pm at University Village on University Ave. Trip to the movies will practice Situational Awareness within each Patrol.
    • We may need a 3rd car to transport kids, depending on how many show up.
Total cost = $12, 1 vegetable or ingredient, lots of fun and learning.

When = Saturday 8am until end of movie either 3pm or 5pm. 

All activities are posted on the Troop google calendar or from our webpage.

foil pack cooking on fire