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Roctober Campout 10/12-10/14/2018

posted Oct 11, 2018, 12:46 PM by Troop twoseventy   [ updated Apr 17, 2019, 5:26 PM ]
Roctober Campout

We are camping in the Lucerne Lake Bed and participating in the Rocketry Association of California rocket shooting event meant for youth and Scouts.  Have your scout buy an inexpensive rocket with the wadding, ignitors, and extra engines sizes A-C.
Will be camping on the lake bed, does get windy.  Bring your Scout essentials, warm clothes, tent, water canteen, extra parts to fix your rocket.

Where:  Lucerne Valley
When:  Oct 14-16 2018.  Meet at Scout house at 5:30 pm friday, return Sunday morning about 10am
Cost:  $15 for youth launching rockets, $30 for adults launching, $15 for adults not launching

Rockets to purchase:  Model Rocket kits on Amazon
Extra engines:  Model Rocket Engines
Other websites for Rockets:

Weather:  Days in 70ish, nights 50 degrees.  Light wind. (Link to weather)


You should always have your basic essentials, you know yourself best.  Be prepared with something warm to sleep in, a cheap tarp, mess kit, hat, shoes, bring a tent as the Troop tents may not be operational.  Outdoor sheet (link)

Meals - Scouts

Each Patrol has made their menu and the Grubmaster does the shopping along with another Scout, use the Troop debit card that you have and stay on budget.

Adults have their own meal plan.


 I-15 and I-215 merge to become just I-15; I-15 then goes over the 4000+ foot Cajon Pass, and into the Mojave Desert. Just before Victorville, take the Bear Valley Road exit and head east. This will go through south Victorville and Hesperia and Apple Valley and eventually merge with CA route 18. Continue on CA-18 until you reach Lucerne Valley and the junction with CA-247. Go north on CA-247 for a few miles as it crosses Lucerne Dry Lake. About the middle of the dry lake, you will see a group of vehicles way out on the lake on the west side. On your left will appear a dirt road, usually marked by a “ROC” sign (from the Hwy 18/Hwy 247 junction to the turnoff is about 3.8 miles, near mile marker 49). Note that the dirt road is actually pretty good for nearly every type of vehicle

Park and report to your SPL and ASPL.


GPS (copy & paste into phone map):  34.4959489,-116.9613393


We need all adults to be at the Scout house to transport 12 Scouts to the campout.



Pay for this campout

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