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Merit Badges

List of all current Merit Badges or sometimes called Boy Scout badges.

Merit Badge Worksheets (print and take with you to meet the counselor). Not all Counselors ask you to fill these out, but it's helpful for learning.

List of Merit Badge Counselors - See the book inside the Scout house.

Merit Badge Opportunities- Upcoming classes and stuff.  Also see the board in Scout House.

Merit Badge Rules:
  1. Never meet with a counselor alone.
  2. Get Merit Badge application (blue card) from your Scoutmaster.
  3. Be prepared.  Print the workbook, read and bring merit badge book, pen/pencil, paper.
  4. Have the counselor sign your blue card and return to your Troop Advancements person.
  5. Always, always, always, keep the receipt from your blue card!!!  Very important.